Among Women Espresso Shot #3- What Would You Say to Pope Francis?

IMG_0232Welcome to Episode 3 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn

Today’s topic: What would you ask Pope Francis?

During the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, aka the Francis festival, I spoke to many women asking one question:  What would you like to say to Pope Francis?

I hope the Holy Father is listening!

At the end of the podcast listen for The Faithful Traveler, Diana von Glahn, and founder and popular author Lisa Hendey to weigh in with their thoughts.

Here are some of the responses that I also received on my Facebook page when I asked the same question:

Leticia from CT: Thank you for making the media notice those with special needs by your great example of love for them.

Melanie from MA: Thank you. I love you. Pray for me. We pray for you every day. My kids love you!

Linda from GA: “Thank you” –probably thru streaming teams, and then she would hug him.

Lyn from NC: Where do you get the energy and the strength to carry out such a packed schedule as you travel? And please pray for me as I’ll pray for you.

Ivanna from TX: You are in my prayers daily!

Tracey from MA: Thank you for living the truth!

Mary from LA: keep being brave by the power of the Holy Spirit and with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are making people uncomfortable – and converting hearts. Praise God! I love you Papa Francesco!

Elizabeth from NC: Holy Father, you had a couple of hard acts to follow and now you have created one yourself!

Carol from NY: Your beaming smile and gentle humor in Philly Saturday night personified God’s LOVE.

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Book mentioned:
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Music: Daniel Estrem, “Reverie”, available on Magnatune

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