Among Women 240: Ten Years and Top Downloads

March 31, 2019

Among Women celebrates 10 years!

This episode looks back at ten interesting podcasts from the past ten years. This is really a moment of true gratitude to God for the gift of these years.

The podcast also catches you up on recent events in my life. Not gonna lie, I’ve had some setbacks with family events and studio breakdowns that have affected my ability to bring out podcasts in a timely manner. Hoping for better days in the weeks ahead. But please pray for me as I work out my scheduling needs and updating my podcasting equipment.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!

Links for this episode:

From 2009: AW 1 & AW 2 — the first podcasts!

From 2010: AW 75 — Healing from the hurt of abortion

From 2011: AW 93 — Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

From 2012: AW 146 — The power of a praying friend

From 2013: AW 159 — Faith-filled women at work

From 2014: AW 186 — On faith, grace, and prayer in marriage & family

From 2015: AW 191 — Jenny’s IVF story

From 2016: AW 211 — Kicking those little sins

From 2017: AW 223 — Fatima#100 and Mary’s Way

From 2018: AW Espresso Shot 22 — Devotion to the Holy Family

Other links of related interest:

Blog post: Recalling my conversation with Abby Johnson on Among Women

AW 209 — Women leaving the abortion industry


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Among Women Espresso Shot #16: Overcoming the Mud-Splashed Bride Syndrome

Welcome to Episode 16 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn.

Today’s topic: Overcoming the Mud-Splashed Bride Syndrome, from Chapter 2, from ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters

This is a third excerpt from my latest book, All In: Why belonging to the Catholic Church Matters. I read part of Chapter 2. In this selection I describe the what I call “the mud-splashed bride” syndrome, and its antidote.

Links for this episode:all_in

I’ve been speaking about ALL IN in several other places:

Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Girlfriends podcast with Danielle Bean

A Seeking Heart podcast with Allison Gingras

“This is the Day” on Catholic TV

“Becoming Confident Catholics” – Webinar at Ave Maria Press

“Pathways to Learning” with Sr Marie Pappas, Sirius XM Radio

Find reviews for the book here or on Amazon.

Buy the book! 

Among Women 206: Happy 7 Years!

March 30, 2016

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: A Litany of “Among Women” Saints

“Among Women” Guest: Pat Gohn

This episode celebrates the 7th anniversary — or 7th birthday — of Among Women, begun in March 2009. This episode explores AW-144x144-logothe major themes Among Women has covered, plus links to blog posts that offer dozens of links to archived shows.

In our “Blessed Are They” segment we pray a Litany of saints — including many of the saints that have been profiled on Among Women.

In our “Among Women” segment, Pat Gohn answers questions sent in by listeners — about herself, and about the podcast.

Links for this episode:

Blog Post #1: A retrospective on Among Women’s early history, themes of the feminine genius and the dignity of women, plus conversations with theologians and wonderful Catholic authors!

Blog Post #2: A retrospective on saints, ordinary women in the pew, religious sisters, parents, and more!

Blog Post #3: A retrospective on sharing the faith, great music, and special editions of the podcast.(Plus a free drawing! Enter win Pat’s book by leaving a comment!)

Other shows of related interest:

Enjoy all the shows linked in the 3 blog posts above! Check them out, they are very comprehensive!

You can find the entire Among Women archives here.  You can also search the side bar on that page as well.


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Among Women 193: A special edition AKA the MINI recap of the #PopeInPhilly

October 1, 2015

“Among Women” Guests:  Lisa Hendey, and Pat Gohn, inside Pat’s ’14 Mini Cooper on the drive home.

In this episode:

This is an extended special edition podcast with a recap of what we found most meaningful during our week in Philadelphia attending the World Meeting of Families and the Papal Mass with Pope Francis.

This rambling conversation took place IN a MINI, but folks, it ain’t a mini conversation. It clocks in at 90 minutes.We are two friends in real life who love to travel together and gab!

Buckle up as we take the drive home and record this podcast examining World Meeting talks, homilies, the city of Philadelphia, music by Matt Maher and Andrea Bocelli, praying with saints, the people we met, and the fun we had with the global convention known as the World Meeting of Families that sparked the Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to the US.

Pope Francis preaching at the Mass on Ben Franklin Highway. 9.27.15. Photo courtesy of Diana von Glahn.

Pope Francis preaching at the Mass on Ben Franklin Highway. 9.27.15. (Photo courtesy of Diana von Glahn. All rights reserved. Used with permission.) (Click for larger view.)

Links for this episode:

World Meeting of Families Website

Fr Robert Barron’s series “Priest, Prophet, and King”

Independence Hall, National Park Service, in Philadelphia

Lisa Hendey’s Chime Travelers book series for children

Lisa Hendey’s Aleteia article on Francis in DC

Lisa Hendey’s website

My book at Ave Maria Press

Lisa’s books at Ave Maria Press

Humanum’s short films

Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Full texts for Pope Francis’ homilies and speeches

Diana von Glahn’s The Faithful Traveler


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AW Espresso Shot #2: Reactions from the World Meeting of Families

AW Espresso Shot #3: What would you ask Pope Francis?


Among Women Espresso Shot #3- What Would You Say to Pope Francis?

IMG_0232Welcome to Episode 3 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn

Today’s topic: What would you ask Pope Francis?

During the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, aka the Francis festival, I spoke to many women asking one question:  What would you like to say to Pope Francis?

I hope the Holy Father is listening!

At the end of the podcast listen for The Faithful Traveler, Diana von Glahn, and founder and popular author Lisa Hendey to weigh in with their thoughts.

Here are some of the responses that I also received on my Facebook page when I asked the same question:

Leticia from CT: Thank you for making the media notice those with special needs by your great example of love for them.

Melanie from MA: Thank you. I love you. Pray for me. We pray for you every day. My kids love you!

Linda from GA: “Thank you” –probably thru streaming teams, and then she would hug him.

Lyn from NC: Where do you get the energy and the strength to carry out such a packed schedule as you travel? And please pray for me as I’ll pray for you.

Ivanna from TX: You are in my prayers daily!

Tracey from MA: Thank you for living the truth!

Mary from LA: keep being brave by the power of the Holy Spirit and with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are making people uncomfortable – and converting hearts. Praise God! I love you Papa Francesco!

Elizabeth from NC: Holy Father, you had a couple of hard acts to follow and now you have created one yourself!

Carol from NY: Your beaming smile and gentle humor in Philly Saturday night personified God’s LOVE.

Links for this episode:

The World Meeting of Families

AW Espresso Shot #2: Reactions to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia






Among Women Espresso Shot #2 – Reactions to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia

IMG_0230Welcome to Episode 2 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn

Today’s topic: Live on location at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, PA.

I spent time asking women (and one very nice priest) for their comments about what were some of the highlights for them.

Links for this episode:

World Meeting of Families

AW Espresso Shot #3 – What would you ask Pope Francis?





Among Women Espresso Shot #1 – Perseverance

IMG_0233Welcome to Episode 1 of  Among Women “Espresso Shot”*
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn

Today’s topic:  perseverance.



Links for this episode:

Bible Reference: Psalm 103

An blog post related to this material on the Catholic Writers Guild website.

*This shorter podcast is part of an ongoing effort to release content on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Hope you enjoy it!

Among Women 149: H.O.P.E for Breast Cancer Survivors – A Special Edition

October 23, 2012

This week’s episode:

Breast cancer will affect one in eight women in the course of  their lifetime. We ALL know someone who has suffered with this disease. This podcast contains a recording I made of a recent talk I gave to the breast cancer survivor support group known as The Visions of Hope that covers the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. I was the guest speaker at their luncheon held at the Clifton Springs Country Club in Clifton Springs, NY, on October 7. My remarks were made as coffee was poured and dessert was served. In this talk I reflect on my 17 years of survivorship and advocate that “thriver-ship” is possible when survivors acknowledge that their superpower is hope. Please share this talk with those who may benefit from it.

Links for this episode: 

Pat Gohn’s speaking events calendar

Other shows of related interest:

 AW 27: An interview with Lisa Hendey, founder of Catholic Mom. Together Lisa and I compare notes on our breast cancer experiences.


Send your comments to Pat Gohn regarding your thoughts about where you find joy, to be used in a future “Special Edition”, at, or to the Among Women podcast facebook page. Or record your feedback at the AW voicemail line at 206-426-1260.

My mom and me… two breast cancer survivors.
If you are over 40, please have an annual mammogram.


Among Women 147: Special Edition – Welcome to the Year of Faith!

October 11, 2012

This week’s episode: Welcome to the Year of Faith!

This Special Edition is a departure from our normal format in order to give listeners an overview of great resources for the Year of Faith.

Links for this episode:

The Year of Faith is actually slightly longer than a full year: October 11, 2012 through November 23, 2013.  It has a three-fold focus: knowing our Catholic faith, living it out both sacramentally within the church and in the world, and sharing the faith through evangelization and catechesis. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a plan for yourself as to what you might do to grow in those three areas.

Here are some links to help us get the most out of this year.

An Overview of the Year of Faith

  • The Calendar for the Year of Faith highlights special Vatican-sponsored events for the coming year including special days to celebrate the canonizations of new saints, lay and religious vocations, confirmations, World Youth Day, devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist, Mary and Marian devotion, and more.
  • The Pope and the bishops of the world are meeting in a Synod through the month of October. The theme of those meeting is the new evangelization. The document that contains the agenda for those meetings is found here.

Knowing Your Faith

Get to know the Bible. Most newcomers to bible study get comfortable by first looking at the Gospels and the epistles of the New Testament. Here’s an excellent bible commentary series on the New Testament for personal study or for groups, plus a New Testament study bible to with wonderful study helps built right into its pages.

Get to know the Catechism of the Catholic ChurchThis landmark reference work is the first update to the universal catechism the Church has had in 400 years, since the Council of Trent. It’s a masterpiece of all the Church believes, worships, lives, and prays. The Year of Faith celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Catechism’s reception. Find one at your local Catholic bookseller, or you may enjoy these resources

  • YOUCAT: the Catechism for youth

Read the Documents of Vatican II. The Year of Faith coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council. Read the documents online, or buy a copy from your local Catholic bookseller. Need a place to start? Try reading Lumen Gentium (The Dogmatic Constitution of the Church). It is 8 chapters long and it is the key to unlocking the themes of the council found in the rest of the documents. Also, coming soon: a film on the historic Council known as Vatican II.

Discover Catholic programming to strengthen your faith through the national television ministries of Catholic TV and EWTN, and look to your local diocesan programming as well. Don’t forget Catholic radio networks, many of which can be found here. If you enjoy new media, SQPN is a Catholic podcasting network. Or, subscribe to Catholic newspapers, magazines, and your diocesan paper.

Watch a DVD. Try the 10-part Catholicism DVD series from Word on Fire. It is often shown in parishes and dioceses, as well as on Catholic television. It is also available for purchase.

Take a course. Pillars of Catholicism is a free online course that is being offered by the professors of John Paul the Great University. This series is a self-professed crash course in the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith. It consists of 13 episodes, each a half-hour long. A new episode will be unlocked each week and will be permanently accessible. The course and all materials it provides are free.

Interested in subject matter related to women and the feminine genius? Watch for my new book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood, due for release in March 2013. And for your personal and group study I recommend the ministry of Endow, which supports nearly 20,000 women in study groups across the US and Canada.

Living Your Faith

Get more out of the Mass. Try these resources:

  • Magnificat is a print subscription, or use their app for your smart phone to access the daily readings, commentary, and morning and evening prayer.

Pray more and increase your devotional life. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Discover the Liturgy of the Hours. Longtime the prayer practice of priests and religious, many lay people enjoy praying the liturgy of the hours in whole or in part. You can purchase a breviary from your local Catholic bookseller, or online, by going to Universalis or the Divine Office. Modified versions of morning prayer and evening prayer are found in Magnificat.
  • Receive a plenary indulgence for your religious practice by fulfilling certain requirements during the Year of Faith. Elizabeth Scalia offers understanding on the plenary indulgence.
  • Make a holy hour, or go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Find a chapel that offers Adoration here.

Sharing Your Faith

A baptized Catholic is baptized into the mission of the Church. Therefore, we, too, are called to spread the faith to others. Get started with these resources:

  • New Evangelizers website has blog posts and free resources that can help you make a faith connection with others.
Official Icon of the Year of Faith
Christ the Pantocrator – Cefalu, Sicily (Photo by Xerones, on Flickr:

The information shared here is also found in numerous links I prepared for my column at Patheos. Read the original article here. You can subscribe to it via RSS or email here

Other shows of related interest:

AW 147: on the Pope’s Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei on the Year of Faith

AW 128: on the Liturgy of the Hours

Also: visit Among Women’s Catholic Resources page.