Among Women 187: Saintly Models for Charity, Diligence, and Temperance

November 24, 2014

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

“Among Women” Guest: Jean Heimann

This week we look at saints who can help us grow in specific virtues as told in the new book from Catholic Fire blogger Jean Heimann, Seven Saints for Seven VirtuesIn this episode Jean Heimann and I will examine the lives of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta as a model of the virtue of charity, St John Paul II as a paragon of diligence, and St Augustine as an example of temperance. In our saint segment, I’ll offer an excerpt from Heimann’s book profiling Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s friendship with St. John Paul II.

 Links for this episode:

Dates for the new liturgical year, starting with Advent

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Humanum – on the complementarity of man and woman. Great videos on marriage and the family.

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