About Among Women

Original AW cover art from when the podcast was founded in 2009.

The goal and mission of the Among Women podcast is to celebrate the beauty and grace that women experience in their Catholic faith and life. Hosted and produced by Pat Gohn since March 2009, Among Women centers not only on faith sharing among women, but faith building… inspiring women in their call to holiness by encouraging them to draw closer to Christ and the Catholic Church.

The show’s name comes from a phrase found in the prayer of the “Hail Mary”. Mary, the Mother of God, is the show’s patron.

Listen to some of our most popular episodes here.

Most programs feature two segments: The first is “Blessed Are They”, a reflection focusing on faithful women who have gone before us — saints and sages who bring inspiration to Christian life. The second segment, “Among Women” features conversations with contemporary women from all walks of life… from women with PhDs in theology, to our neighbor in the pew, from authors and bloggers to educators, from lay women to religious sisters, from wives and mothers to singles and widows. Together we share the spiritual wealth and wisdom and mentoring — that feminine genius — that is found in a special way when we gather “among women.” Pat also produces occasional shorter podcasts, known as Among Women “Espresso Shots”. Find them in the archives.

Among Women is found on Facebook and Twitter at @among_women and @PatGohn. You can find Pat at her blog, The Back Porch, and or read archives from her earlier blog, Among Women.

About your host, Pat Gohn: After decades of leading women’s and family ministries in local churches in New York and Massachusetts, Among Women was founded to combine Pat’s love of learning and teaching the Catholic faith with her passion of using media for the new evangelization. A wife and mother of three married young adults, and a grandmother to four grandsons, Pat is both a writer and speaker on Catholic subject matter. She holds a Masters in Theology, plus certificates in spiritual direction and adult faith leadership, and a Bachelors in broadcast communications. An editor in the field of Catholic publishing, find out more about her books and articles at


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