Among Women 192: Finding God’s Will in Hollywood or Wherever You Are

August 28, 2015

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: St Elizabeth Ann Seton

“Among Women” Guest: Christin Jezak

This episode recaps Pat’s summer break from podcasting and returns with reflections on building a strong prayer life to help to keep us in God’s will. Pat’s unpacks these themes in the life and writings of St Elizabeth Ann Seton. We also find them in the work of actress/producer Christin Jezak, who shares her unique calling to be a Pauline Cooperator, a lay member of the Pauline family with a special media charism.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.20.47 AM

Christin Jezak. Official photo courtesy of IMDB

Links for this episode:

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Video and blog: Ladies Keepin’ It Real

Daughters of St Paul

Pauline Cooperators

Film: Media Apostle 

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