Among Women 203: The online Catholic Conference 4 Moms – coming for Lent!

January 20, 2016

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: St Waltrude

“Among Women” Guest: Tami Kiser, AKA Smart Martha

Calling all Moms! This episode is a timely message with a call for all “the Marthas” in our midst — women who know how to get things done! Or, women who know how to give the gift of hospitality and encouragement — Mom-to-Mom! This podcast is about getting on board this Lent with the Catholic Conference 4 Moms. This online conference’s theme is “Faces of Mercy” in honor of the Year of Mercy. It launches Feb 20, 2016, and its super easy to plan it for your parish or home-based gathering.

Join me, and conference founder and organizer Tami Kiser as we discuss the good stuff that Moms will experience in this unique online conference — The Catholic Conference 4 Moms! You can offer day of encouragement for you and the Moms in your parish or neighborhood… for a very low price of $59 for “conference-in-a-box”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.35.26 PMThis is also a chance to watch this conference in your home with friends! This is available for $14.99 — In fact, you can get a discount off the price if you use my affiliate promo code: AMONGWOMEN. (no space between those two words.) Use my coupon code AMONGWOMEN and get that for $10.99.

Also, in our “Blessed are They” segment, we learn about St Waltrude from Mons, Belgium. She is a saint who was inspired by the saints in her family and lived in such a way as to inspire saints in her children.

Links for this episode:

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