Among Women Espresso Shot #18: The Titles of Jesus

Welcome to Episode 18 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn.

Today’s topic: The Titles of Jesus

By learning some of the titles of Jesus, we can better connect with Jesus in prayer. In this short podcast I share some of my favorite titles of Jesus that are found in the New Testament. I only have time to share a few, but there are so many more! The titles of Jesus that move us and touch our heart can move us in prayer as well — to deeper praise and worship of the One who knows us best and loves us completely.

Some of the titles we cover in this episode: Lord, Bread of Life, Alpha and Omega, Author and Finisher of Our Faith, Hope of Glory, Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls, Good Shepherd, and King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But don’t stop there — keep searching the bible for the titles that have meaning for you — in your quest to pray better and grow closer to Jesus.

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