Among Women Espresso Shot #31: Praying for Souls


Welcome to Episode 31 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn.

Today’s topic: Praying for the Souls in Purgatory

This is the 11th installment in a 12-part series on the monthly church devotions. In November we are called to pray for the holy souls — the faithful departed — as they move toward purification and the perfection of Heaven. While the Church does has All Souls day as a memorial, traditionally on Nov. 2 every year, the truth is that the entire month is dedicated to praying for souls.

In this podcast I’ll offer a brief teaching on the hopeful truth of purgatory, and the benefits of praying for souls. And of course we’ll pray together at the end — for the many souls that might benefit from our prayers!

 Links for this episode:

Catechism of the Catholic Church on purgatory. See paragraphs 1030-1032.

The Prayer for Specific Souls in Purgatory (that we prayed on the show) (Scroll down the page.)

The Rosary for Souls

Novena for Souls

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Image credit: Pat Gohn, 2015, Cemetery, Essex County, MA