Among Women 238: Becoming Cultural Mystics

November 26, 2018

This episode:

“Blessed are They”: St. Teresa of Avila’s Prayer of Preparation for Advent. Plus a bonus: An advent prayer for lapsed Catholics invoking St. John Paul II.

“Among Women” Guest: Sr. Nancy Usselmann, FSP

This episode invites us to become cultural mystics, and discover a deeper awareness of the sacred in our culture. Listen to this conversation with Sr. Nancy Usselmann, a Daughter of St. Paul, who is both an author of A Sacred Look: Becoming Cultural Mystics — Theology of Popular Culture, as well as a vocalist with the Daughters of St. Paul Choir. We’ll learn and laugh as we explore the work of #medianuns –including their upcoming concert series: GLORIOUS NIGHT!

Plus, we’ll spend a few moments in prayer in preparation for Advent with the saintly words of Carmelite mystic, St. Teresa of Avila.

Links for this episode:

Advent Prayer of Preparation: St. Teresa of Avila

Advent Prayer for Lapsed Catholics

A Sacred Look: Becoming Cultural Mystics — Theology of Popular Culture by Sr. Nancy Usselmann


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Daughters of St. Paul Choir Christmas concert series

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