Among Women 246: 5 New Saints and a Manual for Women

October 13, 2019

In this episode:

“Blessed are They”: 5 new saints canonized today by Pope Francis

“Among Women” Guest: Danielle Bean

In this episode I offer a summary of the lives of 5 new saints being raised to the altar (3 religious women, 1 laywoman, and 1 priest-Cardinal):

    • Dulce Lopes
    • Mariam Thresia
    • Marguerite Bays
    • Giuseppina Vannini
    • John Henry Newman

I’m also happy to be joined by my friend, Danielle Bean, and together we take a deep dive into her new book, The
Manual for Women.
Topics include discovering the true dignity of women in Scripture and in the teachings of the Church (aka the feminine genius), plus the inspiration of Mary, receptivity, humility, and the practice of prayer, and avoiding the lies and claiming the truth about the goodness of being a woman.

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Links for this episode:

Bios for 5 new saints

The Manual for Women 

Find all of Danielle’s books here.

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