Among Women Espresso Shot #34: Flowers at the Foot of the Cross

Your virtuous efforts to love Jesus in every little effort and sacrifice is the way that you can offer flowers at the foot of the Cross. Listen here.

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Among Women 222: Negativity Among Catholics Thwarts the Good

It’s uncomfortable to talk about Catholics criticizing each other. Ever hear someone criticize a book or movie or another person as not being Catholic enough? A conversation about this negativity and more…Listen here.

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Among Women 221: Bragging on Jesus with Danielle Bean

Jesus asked his apostles: “Who do you say that I am?” It’s a question we all must answer. Meet two women who are in love with Jesus — St. Matilda of Hackeborn from Germany, and Danielle Bean from New Hampshire. Listen here.

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Among Women 178: New Life in Christ

A perfect story for Eastertide: how a young woman finds new life in Christ as she negotiates the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy and the call the to return to the faith of her childhood. Listen here.

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Among Women 159: Faith-filled Women at Work

Inspiration from the writings of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and a conversation with Mary Wallace, a PhD in human resources, about the role of a woman’s faith in the work place. Listen here.

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