Among Women 142: The Ministry of Christian Counseling

Dr Jean Lee shares her reversion story to Catholicism, plus offers tips on how to find the right therapist, especially when seeking a Christian counselor. Click on the episode title above this listen to the show!

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Among Women128: Praying with Times and Seasons

This week’s segments: “Blessed are They”: Blessed Jacoba “Among Women” Guest: Daria Sockey This week we delve into the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as The Divine Office — a great way to pray!

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AW 127 Captive Hearts Now Free

This week’s segments: “Blessed are They”: Sts Perpertua and Felicity “Among Women” Guest: Tracy at the sunny beach This week we visit with a faith-filled wife mother who endured years of her husbands incarceration in a Florida prison. She talks about the struggles with faith, family, and the patience to wait for his release. A very…

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AW 118 A Woman’s Relationship with Media

This week’s segments: “Blessed are They”: Dorothy Day “Among Women” Guest: Teresa Tomeo Links for this episode: Dorothy Day’s biography Day’s cause for Canonization Day’s Advent series Teresa Tomeo’s book: Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed by the Culture Teresa Tomeo’s previous books: Newsflash and Noise and the All Things Girl series. The…

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