Among Women 252: Seeking Peace

October 16, 2020 In this episode: The times we live in — oh! — we all need to anchor our trust in God and seek peace amidst the chaos. Allison Gingras shares her faith story and lasting lessons in her new journal in the Stay Connected series: Seeking Peace – A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust. …

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Among Women 216: Riding the River of Grace

Susan Bailey shares from the heart as she offers tips for overcoming grief, loss, and trials as we explore themes from her book, River of Grace. Listen here.

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Among Women Espresso Shot #4- The Light of Christ

The true light has come into the world! Jesus is our everlasting light! Join me in this 10-minute reflection as consider our own lives warmed by the light of Christ. Listen here.

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Among Women Espresso Shot #1 – Perseverance

Hope you like our debut “Espresso Shot” – a shorter podcast on the subject of perseverance. Listen here.

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Among Women 190: Cultivate Your Faith in a Garden

Discover God in a garden! Enjoy this conversation with master gardener and author Margaret Rose Realy as we discuss her new book “A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac”. Plus learn about 4 new saints canonized by Pope Francis! Listen here.

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Among Women 163: A Name for Eternity

What’s in a name? This week I welcome Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur who talks about the writing and research process behind her book, The Catholic Baby Name Book. Plus a look at the life of St Martha of Bethany. Listen here.

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