Among Women Espresso Shot #38: Blessed are those who mourn

Working our way through the Beatitudes. This time we examine Jesus’ words: “Blessed are those who mourn… for they shall be comforted.” Listen here.

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Among Women 216: Riding the River of Grace

Susan Bailey shares from the heart as she offers tips for overcoming grief, loss, and trials as we explore themes from her book, River of Grace. Listen here.

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Among Woman 185: The Life of Ryan, with Mary Ellen Barrett

Kleenex alert: Listen to the profound grief and wisdom of a mother’s heart as Catholic writer Mary Ellen Barrett opens her heart to offer thoughts and reflections five years after her son Ryan’s death during a camp-out. This moving story will inspire hope and courage. Listen here.

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Among Women 172: Good Grief, God!

Has a recent death or loss left you grieving? Grief educator Cheryl Amari helps us learn about why we need to grieve well — and how our faith helps us to do that. Also hear the words and wisdom of one of the newest Church Doctors: St Hildegard of Bingen. Listen here.

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