Among Women 250: The Emptying Nest

In this episode: Saint segment: St. Joseph Conversation segment Guest: Danielle Bean Back after a hiatus, I recap a little about the ups and downs of my pandemic experience and talk about adapting spiritual practices including “virtual streams” of adoration and a renewed love for St. Joseph as a spiritual patron. Beyond that I’m happy to…

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Among Women 232: On the Cusp of Advent

Pat offers some reflections on the cusp of Advent, plus she welcomes Catholic author Connie Clark in conversation about her books, parenting, prayer, and the holy influence of mothers. Listen here.

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Among Women 223: #Fatima100 and Mary’s Way

Mary and mothers and parenting and #Fatima100. So much good stuff here! Can’t wait to share it with you! Listen here.

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Among Women 179: Momnipotent! With Danielle Bean

This one’s for the Moms! I welcome author and editor Danielle Bean, a married wife and mother whose most recent book, Momnipotent, describes the strengths of women in their roles as mothers. Listen here.

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Among Women 164: Back from Hiatus! MOB, WYD, and God-Parenting!

Back from hiatus with recaps from my daughter’s wedding and the Pope’s messages at World Youth Day. Plus conversations about the role of Godparents and St Jane Frances de Chantal. Listen here.

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Among Women 163: A Name for Eternity

What’s in a name? This week I welcome Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur who talks about the writing and research process behind her book, The Catholic Baby Name Book. Plus a look at the life of St Martha of Bethany. Listen here.

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