AW 103 When Forgiveness is Hard

This week’s segments:

“Blessed Are They”: St. Philomena

“Among Women” Guest: Rosario Rodriguez

Links for this episode:

The Shrine of St. Philomena – Here you will find pages about the shrine, the facts of the archaelogical dig and the canonization of St. Philomena, plus the story behind the private revelations regarding her life.

AW 36 featuring the story of Pauline Jaricot

The Shield About Me — Rosario’s blog
The video about Rosario produced by Spirit Juice

CNMC 2011 in Kansas City

The Catholic Writers Guild Conference in PA in August

The Catholic Writers Guild Retreat in MI in October

The National Bible Conference in GA in July


2012 UPDATE on Rosario’s story regarding the pending sentencing of the shooter.

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