AW 109 Metanoia

This week’s segments: Metanoia – A Greek word that means “change of mind”. The biblical term for that repentance or complete change of heart which turns one away from sin to serve the living God.

“Blessed are They”: St Teresa of Avila

“Among Women” Guest: Erin Aldrich Miller

Links for this episode:
Holy Women — by Pope Benedict XVI

Secular Order of Discalsed Carmelites (Akron, OH) – Read Erin Miller’s “reversion” story in the Sept. ’11 issue of Nightengale newsletter located in the right sidebar of this site, (note, this is a .pdf file).

Secular Order of Discalsed Carmelites (Washington Province.)

Institute of Carmelite Studies Publications (for printed resources – great source of books and pamphlets on and by Carmelite saints.)

Spirit Singing – an inspirational blog by a Secular Discalsed Carmelite.

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