AW 114 Prepping for the New Roman Missal

This week’s segments:

“Blessed are they”: St Euphrosyne of Polotsk
“Among Women” Guest: Jaymie Stuart Wolfe

Links for this episode:

Book by Pauline Books and Media:
–The Mass Explained for Kids
–Praying with the Popes series

Resources by Pauline Books and Media:
Kids blog
Liturgy essentials (and info on the new missal)
Articles, etc. on the new missal by Jaymie Stuart Wolfe
iMass App (new missal instruction for you iPad or iPhone)

Jaymie Stuart Wolfe:
–website for Loaves and Fishes Ministry
Facebook page

Resources suggested by Pat Gohn on the new missal:
Pat’s articles:
Missal Changes, Part One: Defined By Prayer
The Translation: A Renewed Understanding of Love

USCCB: Welcoming the Roman Missal

Changes in the People’s Parts

Catholic TV’s series: “Preparing for the New Roman Missal” – video recordings of a symposium for priests.

Music related to the new Roman Missal

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