Among Women 145: Opening the Door of Faith

September 20, 2012

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: The woman with a hemorrhage in Mark 5:24-34.

“Among Women” Guests: Shelly Kelly and Lisa Jones

This week we look at Porta Fidei, the “door of faith”, Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter announcing the Year of Faith that begins on October 11, 2012. Plus we talk about the new evangelization in terms of being evangelized ourselves first, and then answering the call to evangelize others.

This week’s “Blessed are They” segment reflects on the healing miracle of the unnamed woman with a hemorrhage for twelve years, and the small steps she took to open the door of faith in her life in order to receive the transforming power of God. Our “Among Women” segment welcomes the blogging-podcasting from the duo Of Sound Mind and Spirit, Shelly Kelly and Lisa Jones. These two sisters in real life share their journey of faith in their blogging adventure, and their most recent endeavor, the SQPN podcast The Secrets of “Once Upon a Time.”

Links for this episode:

Porta Fidei – Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter about the Year of Faith

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (New Testament)

Blog of Shelly Kelly and Lisa Jones: Of Sound Mind and Spirit

SQPN’s The Secrets of “Once Upon a Time”

Magnificat’s Year of Faith Companion

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Pat with Shelly Kelly and Lisa Jones;
Catholic New Media Conference 2012

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