Among Women 182: The Power of Forgiveness

August 27, 2014

This episode:

Opening monologue:  On the unrest of this summer and the timeliness of Francis’ beatification of 149 Korean Christian Martyrs.

“Blessed are They”: St Paula

“Among Women” Guest: Genevieve Kineke

This episode profiles the power of forgiveness as told through the life and pen of author Genevieve Kineke in a recent book, Set Free. This recording was made last year, and it comes with my humble apologies for taking way too long to bring it the listening audience. You may recognize Genevieve’s name from her writings about the feminine genius, and our previous interview. Together we unpack the need we all have to rise above our sometimes messed-up feelings and make an act of the will to forgive another, or to forgive ourselves. Such resolve brings freedom and healing, and Genevieve serves up some practical lessons on the subject.

I’m also profiling St Paula, a 4th century saint from Rome who eventually traveled to Bethlehem and assisted the work of St Jerome.

Plus you’ll hear where I’m speaking next, as well as find link to Catholic sources that are helping bring compassion to those most needy in our troubled world.

Links for this episode:

Set Free: The Authentic Catholic Woman’s Guide to Forgiveness by Genevieve Kineke

Feminine Genius blog by Genevieve Kineke, and her website

Pat’s archived article: “A Catechism Lesson: Forgiving ‘As’ Jesus Did”

Where to send aid to help Middle East Christians:

Our closing prayer came from the Manual of Catholic Devotions.

Pat Gohn’s Speaking Events

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