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Among Women Espresso Shot #37: Blessed are the poor in spirit

Taking the time to delve into the first verse of the Beatitudes: "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God." Listen here.

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Among Women Espresso Shot #36: The Beatitudes, an overview

We are all seeking happiness and the Beatitudes point to our ultimate desire. The Beatitudes paint a picture of Jesus and Christian life that is worthy of our reflection....

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Among Women 248: Catholic Working Mothers

One of the most popular topics on AW has been that of working mothers. We welcome longtime listener and now author Joanna Wahlund to tackle this important subject.

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Among Women 247: Becoming Women of the Word

Are you a woman of the Word? Would you like to be? Join us for this conversation with Bible teacher Sarah Christmyer as we try to do deeper with...

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Among Women 246: 5 New Saints and a Manual for Women

Check out the wisdom (and so much more!) in The Manual for Women with my guest Danielle Bean. Listen here.

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Among Women 245: And Lovely It Is – with Sarah Hart

Stories and songs from singer-songwriter Sarah Hart on this special edition of Among Women. Listen here.

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