Allison Gingras

Among Women 257: Called By Name

After an unexpected hiatus, I’m back in the studio and delighted to kick off our spring and summer line up of podcasts with my guest Allison Gingras. Together we’ll explore the latest book*** offering from WINE (Women in the New Evangelization): Called By Name. ***BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! For those who act quickly when this podcast is…

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Among Women 252: Seeking Peace

October 16, 2020 In this episode: The times we live in — oh! — we all need to anchor our trust in God and seek peace amidst the chaos. Allison Gingras shares her faith story and lasting lessons in her new journal in the Stay Connected series: Seeking Peace – A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust. …

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Among Women Podcast 239: Staying Connected, (plus a book drawing)

Advent reflections plus a lively conversation with a panel of wonderful writers who have created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women. Listen here.

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Among Women 175: An Appointment with God

Do you have a daily appointment with God? Are you in a relationship with Jesus? This show is all about that and guest Allison Gingras shares her story and how she has become a friend of Jesus and how she invites others to do the same. Listen here.

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