Elizabeth Scalia

Among Women 211: Kicking Those Little Sins

Doing battle against sins great and small with the help of prayer, and especially The Examen. Elizabeth Scalia guests! Plus hear great saints brag on Mary.

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Among Women 167: Taking Issue with Idols

Idolatry pops up in modern life just as it was problematic in the ancient world. We must combat it by smashing our false idols against the cross of Christ, so says Elizabeth Scalia in this interview about her book, Strange Gods. Listen here.

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Among Women 153: Joy!

The is an Among Women Special Edition on the subject of joy! A departure from our normal format, AW listeners add their voices and contributions to the show!

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AW 124 Special Edition- Religious Freedom

Today’s topic: This special edition of Among Womenfeatures a discussion of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to mandate all insurance carriers to cover expenses for contraception, sterilization procedures, and drugs that may induce abortions. This violates the conscience dictates of Catholic institutions throughout the USA. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is determined to fight…

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